Don't you deserve the best 401k / 403b structure?

Many times a big chunk of investor dollars are in their 401k / 403b plan. Sadly, these plans are all too often poorly structured and poorly managed. A plan's performance can only be as good as it's S.A.F.E.

Our Smart Plan enables employers to prudently deliver a great upgrade in benefits to their employees, while saving time, reducing costs, and help better manage liabilities for the company. Take a look below and see what has room for improvement in your plan? Then learn the advantages of having a Registered Investment Advisor, who's core competency is professional investment management, as your plan's advisor. We believe you are unique and your plan should be just as much about you as are your other business decisions. Now let's get started.

Unique Solution

With the objective being to make sure that the plan participants are on track for a healthy retirement full of vigor, liberty, and dignity. The success of a retirement savings program is increasingly dependent on the unique skills an advisor can bring to the relationship. Our Smart Plan provides a SAFE solution that makes the probability of success higher. We save you time and money while boosting employee happiness. Through our Open Investment Architecture you received the most comprehensive and flexible Selection menu. To navigate through the choices we are there with you and the participants every step of the way with top-shelf Advice. The Fees are structured to make the assets grow.

As a Registered Investment Advisory the costs of doing business with us are solely attached to the assets under management. We make no money on any transactions, and no commissions, ever. So we look for the best in breed products with highest efficiencies, to save you money. We've made the transition process easy. Equally as important, your plan will be under Examination and monitoring, making sure that the components are achieving their objectives, not only now but well into the future.

Benefits For Company

There are moments in life when things are so clear, that you only wonder why hadn't you done that earlier. Our plans are such a positive step in the right direction, that you may have such a moment.

We custom build the Grizzly Peak Smart Plan to fit the business, the objectives, and demographics. We prudently increase flexibility by joining it with expert advice and new technology. Whether the type of structure, the investment Selection menu, or on-going education, we are there with you the whole time.

Benefits For Participants

Open Architecture

The structure and flexibility of the investment choice Selection Menu determine a large part of portfolio performance. You can enjoy in your retirement plan many of the advantages typically used by institutions. Our broad Selection Menu can yield a higher success probability. Why?

Having more instruments available allows for specialization, heightened precision, and intelligent portfolio construction. Yes in the Grizzly Peak Smart Plan you can invest in mutual funds as well as ETFs which may be a more efficient option. If appropriate, through some of our more advanced options, such as the Active Model Portfolios (AMP) and Self Directed Brokerage Accounts (SDBA) you can get investment exposure directly to equities and fixed income products as well.

So great, you have a good plan in place, but the world we live is changing. Twenty years ago you could leave your car and house unlocked without much worry, but today not so much. A similar concept applies to retirement plans. How readily can you swap out bad ideas to mitigate challenges and insert fresh options to capture opportunities are key factors for long-term success.

The Smart Plan has unparalleled adaptability, adding or removing a choice is simple and quick. The Open Investment Architecture enables you to maximize profits while minimizing risk.

Expert Advice

Employees will vary in the level and type of support they need. In the Smart Plan all participants will be able to use our experts as an on going resource. You are able to benefit from the guidance of a specialist, like a surgeon, with an unbiased, independent, outlook .

Whether it's how to enroll, or figuring a reasonable savings rate, to what are appropriate selections in a portfolio, we are here and ready to help. You can enjoy robust discussions regarding risk tolerance or perhaps what to do in a market down turn.

Sometimes you get an idea but doesn't know the best way to integrate it into their strategy. No problem, just call or email and we'll help figure it out. Investment management is our core competency and we are happy to help.

This may be the only time that many of the participants and their families receive institutional level investment management advice. Realizing this, we've taken a holistic approach to the participant's lives and so we waive the normal minimum asset requirements for all participants and their families, for their assets outside of the retirement plan. Taking advantage of this option brings great benefit. Having an integrated, objective, approach can prevent imbalances or too much overlap in exposures. We can refine the big picture to get more exposure to the best ideas.

Institutional Techniques

With the Smart Plan you can have a robust, institutional style, investment management approach in your retirement. Both for when markets go up, but also to prepare for down turns. All investments have risk and can create losses, even conservative ones. We've taken an innovative approach to control risk in retirement plans.

By using ETFs we can place Stop Loss Orders directly in the portfolio. While this doesn't remove loss, it can contain it, saving you significant money.

Market activity can create portfolio imbalances, so we can help with Strategic Rebalancing, to get the exposures back in line. Sometimes a simple adjustment can greatly enhance performance.

We offer a prudent unique option through our Active Model Portfolios (AMP), which are institutional style investments that are unitized daily. This brings more timely market exposures directly to you, that can help your portfolio potentially profit from current trends.

For those that want to target the ultimate in even greater individualization the Smart Plan can offer Self Directed Brokerage Accounts (SDBA). Similar to an individual brokerage account but with the tax-deferral of the retirement plan and source of funds being your retirement dollars. You have freedom to invest in a whole universe of choices, and have an expert advising on your strategy or directing one of our own.


The process is simple and quick. We learn about your company, history, employees, current plan, and ideal desired plan. A contact at your company is designated for the internal implementation process and we'll gather the facts of your plan and the following documents:

  • Copy of Adoption Agreement and any amendments dated after the Adoption Agreement
  • Copy of Trust Documents
  • Copy of Plan Summary Description
  • Copy of recent IRS Letter of Determination.

We'll analyze all the presented materials and submit to the custodian, and to the TPA if an unbundled structure. While they create their plan proposal and take care all of the administrative functions, we work on the Open Investment Architecture and prepare the Selection Menu and models. At this point we'll:

  • Share the a suggested Framework and explain the Plan in full
  • Discuss the components of the Selection Menu
  • Explain participant features
  • Establish the working protocols with the service providers and coordinate with your Accounting and HR departments

A particular benefit you will enjoy is the robust support and in-depth technical service we provide. We'll happily discuss in as much detail as needed all the components of the plan. At this point we'll:

  • Introduce model asset allocation portfolios
  • Provide self-analysis questionnaires
  • Create accounts and provide login information for the website
  • Complete Account Transfer of old plan accounts

All of the participants will receive comprehensive education regarding the key Smart Plan features, benefits, and resources available to them. Some of the highlights of what we'll provide are:

  • Financial advice and assistance in determining savings objectives, including a Free Portfolio Review of their non-retirement plan assets.
  • Teach participants how to get the information they need, and what particular key features or options may be of great benefit to them.
  • Provide individualized investment management recommendations for those that wish to get expert help
  • Provide ongoing General Financial and Investment Education, and in particular regarding Stop Loss orders, Market Exit Strategies, and Rebalancing.

Now this is where you will be really happy that that you chose the Smart Plan. The Selection Menu and individual participant accounts will be under constant scrutiny. Now with the flexibility of the Open Investment Architecture in place we'll have the mechanisms to quickly take action as as needed. You'll benefit from our Institutional Alerts, whether related to Economics, Political/Governmental Action, Sector, or Individual Position.

  • We will watch the plan assets in real-time
  • Reallocate or change investments as needed
  • Automatic rebalancing is available for participants that select this option
  • Bring new ideas and innovations to your attention capture emerging trends or perhaps more efficient solutions to capture desired exposures.